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Fundraising Ideas


Whether you are raising money for a school dance, team uniforms, charitable causes, or just about anything else, Semper Fresh is here to help. We make it incredibly easy to customize popcorn fundraising ideas to the needs of your organization, with flexible guidelines for raising money with our popcorn. To get your fundraiser popping, contact us today!

Fundraising Details

Our goal is to make your popcorn fundraiser as simple, easy, and fun as possible. We have just a few specific details that are important to know to ensure that your fundraising runs smoothly:

Available Products

We make all of our delicious gourmet products eligible for your popcorn fundraiser. No matter what your fundraising participants choose to order, you can rest assured that a portion of the proceeds will go towards your benefit.

Your Share of Proceeds

For anything that is ordered through your gourmet popcorn fundraiser, you will receive 25% of the listed product price. For example, if a gourmet tub is purchased for $12, the amount that your fundraiser will receive is $3.

Promo Code

We will provide a promotion code for your fundraiser that your participants will need to use when ordering. This promo code designates that 25% of all popcorn purchases will be set aside for your fundraiser, rather than being processed as a normal order.

Fundraiser Duration

You decide how long you want your fundraiser to run. The promo code that you receive for fundraising orders will remain valid until the end date, which you will set based on the specifications of your fundraiser.

Receiving Your Proceeds

At the end of your popcorn fundraiser, we will generate a sales report identifying how much you have raised. The amount can then be sent to you either by check or transferred using PayPal.

Gourmet Popcorn Options

With so many different options to choose from, the toughest part for anyone participating in your fundraiser may be deciding which delicious assortment of gourmet popcorn to order! We have something to please everyone’s taste buds. Whether you are a fan of our original gourmet kettle corn or want to mix it up with one of our 40+ flavor varieties, Semper Fresh has got you covered.

If you’re having an event to celebrate all the money you raised through your popcorn fundraiser, our popcorn samplers provide a great selection of flavors. Purchase just one sampler or go big with a three-pack that includes 13 incredible flavored popcorn varieties to accommodate larger groups.

We also offer dozens of flavors for our gourmet popcorn tubs. The one-pound tubs come with a choice of flavors including:

  • Caramel
  • White Cheddar
  • White Chocolate Cookie Crunch
  • Cinnamon Bun Surprise
  • Dark Chocolate Drizzle
  • Peanut Butter Cookie
  • Buffalo Golden Cheddar
  • And many, many more!

With such a vast array of different flavors, everybody is sure to find something to love. At Semper Fresh, we are always trying to come up with ideas that are outside the box, and using gourmet popcorn to help raise money is a great one! Whether you are looking for new popcorn fundraising ideas or trying to find the perfect kettle corn gifts for your corporate event, Semper Fresh is your number one choice for gourmet popcorn.