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We sell classic kettle corn and specialty popcorns perfect for home, events, parties, gifts, and fundraisers. All this sweet and crunchy goodness is made locally and fresh in our mobile food trailer.

That’s right, folks. We are MOBILE. Public events and festivals? We’re there! Parties, gifts, and fundraisers? We deliver!

We are a small family business owned and operated by a Marine Corps veteran and San Angelo native. We love our home and love to serve our community. We are ready to serve you!



Not to brag, but our kettle corn is awesome! We cook it by hand in small batches and all of our flavors are made with simple ingredients you can find at a grocery store. No chemical flavor mixes here!

Like the name implies, our kettle corn is FRESH. It doesn’t sit on the shelf for several days or weeks because it can’t. We use no preservatives other than some salt and sugar. We have several great flavors for you to enjoy, but they only get made when we know they’ll be sold.

That’s why, aside from catching us at an event or festival, DELIVERY and FUNDRAISING is the way to go! More on that later.

No matter how you end up getting our kettle corn, we will go out of our way to provide the best possible service to our customers. Because without you, Semper Fresh is nothing but a cool name.



Most people go to work. Most people don’t get kettle corn delivered at work. Semper Fresh wants to change that!

Let us make the workday better with your choice of corn delivered to your cubicle, classroom, office, or shop.

Plus, with workplace delivery, we offer volume discounts, rewards points towards free corn, or donations to a charity/cause of your choice!